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Monday, March 12, 2012

Let's Talk About The Bachelor

I don't usually like to admit to watching this show... but I do. I have been sucked in since college. I think this season has been the most disappointing one thus far. Because of Courtney? Nah, that makes it kind of interesting. But, Ben, really?! I don't really find this guy to be any extraordinary catch. I don't find him attractive in the least, he obviously has poor judgment in women (Courtney), he couldn't see himself with a woman who came from a family with Christian values (Kacie B), AND I hated his reaction to Emily when she was trying to warn him (really, tell her to watch herself?!).

This photo cracks me up because he totally looks like Francine!

So what am I hoping for tonight? Oh geeze, I could go either way. I obviously think Lindzi is a better woman, but I don't think he deserves her. Part of me, the very mean side of me, wants him to choose Courtney and see everything fall apart during the After the Rose show.

So do spill... do you watch the show? If you do, what do you want to see happen tonight?


  1. Dude I'm totally with you. This season was by FAR the worst ever. Ben is so unattractive in both appearance and personality. Most of the women on the show probably wouldn't look twice at him on the street. They only care because by nature, you put 25 women in one room, the ONLY man will become somewhat attractive. AND women are competitive. I already know who he picks, I have for a very long time - but I won't spoil it for you.
    And on another note, I'm also disappointed that Emily is the next Bachelorette. I'm OVER her already. Blah.

  2. I agree with everything you said! Lindzi is way to good for him!! It will be interesting...I hope he does choose Courtney. Lindzi shld be the next bachelorette;)

  3. watching it right as i type this & agree with you... he is so lame. i hope he picks courtney & the after the rose ceremony is a mess.

  4. I pretty much can't believe he picked Courtney. When I saw the show my jaw dropped. And then the after the rose show. Wow, what a mess. This relationship doesn't really stand a chance!


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