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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Random Post

I really don't have anything to right a whole post about... so here ya go, another bulleted post with random information.

1. Jesse had me do the dirty work and call our renters down in Lacey. Their lease expires April 15th, but we decided we will give them until the end of May, if they would like. I would say they weren't too happy, but that was to be expected. I wouldn't be either. They didn't seem mad at us, just upset about the situation.

So, we are all set to move out of the current place and back our other house on June 1st!! I am so excited. I'm already dreaming of getting the huge play set from Costco to go in the backyard. But all of a sudden, I feel like I need to rush and start packing pretty darn soon! 2 months is going to fly by before I know it! Where to start...

2. I've been so tired lately. This pregnancy so far has really wiped me out. I feel fatigued most of the time. I have always been such a busy body but these days, it is not hard for me to not do much besides the necessities. I'm hoping this changes real darn quick.

3. I'm switching doctors. I have my last appointment with the OB/GYN out in Snoqualmie tomorrow and then I will start seeing the doctor in Puyallup that I was seeing when I was pregnant with Hunter. Obviously, I would've needed to switch because of the move, but there are a couple other reasons why that I might talk about some other time.

4. I'm feeling guilty that I have been too tired to take Hunter to any classes on a regular basis. When he was little, I was really good at taking him to The Little Gym or swim lessons at least once a week. Lately, not so much. I'm just feeling too tired to commit to something. Ugh, once again, when will this pass?!

5. I'm about to insert a spouse gripe, bear with me. Hunting season has been over since the end of January... and Jesse promised he would be around ALL the time once that time came. Not at all! He has decided to take up skeet shooting and turkey hunting (a summer season). Not too thrilled about this in the least...

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