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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Fun and Full Saturday!

Like the title says, Saturday was a very fun but a very full day for us. I think all is fine and dandy when I pack a day like that... until the next day, I can't seem to move. This pregnancy has wiped me out. If I over-do it one day the next can't be anything but worthless. So let me tell you, yesterday was spent in yoga pants and a sweatshirt on the couch and in bed.

Anyways... Saturday morning started early with cupcake baking and a friend coming over to keep me company while I made 75 cupcakes and frosting from scratch for my brother's wedding on Saturday evening. It was busy, but it was also fun to get my domestic on and visit with a new friend. The time flew by! I made chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and coconut cupcakes with a coconut cream cheese frosting. Seeing a theme with the frosting? Well, yeah, I started running out of time and realized that I left my candy thermometer at my mom's house, so I wouldn't be able to make the 7 minute frosting for the coconut cupcakes. Oh well, they turned out just fine!!


Our friends left and Jesse, Hunter, and I scrambled to get ready and leave to go to the wedding. It was an awesome service and get together. It was totally low key and potluck style. Several of us commented that it was a great stress free way to get married.

After the wedding, we went to see a friend in the hospital who was having some complications from a surgery the week before. Hunter brightened her day and we were happy to find out that she was doing much better.


  1. I can only imagine the love you put into those 75 cupcakes, and probably tasted like pure perfection too!

  2. Those cupcakes look amazing!


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