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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Move to Altus, Oklahoma

So yeah, I know we moved over a month ago. How has it already been that long ago?! But the blog took a backseat during that time.

We were a little weary about driving 2,000 miles with Hudson, but with the help of my dad, it was pretty painless! Jesse and Hunter rode in the truck and my dad, myself and Hudson rode in my car. It worked out perfect. I pumped in the back seat and then gave Hudson a bottle the whole way so that we didn't have to stop every other hour. He did great everyday, there was no real crying until 6pm every night...that's when he hit his limit and was done with the whole road trip thing. So everyday we drove until 6pm. It worked out perfect, it was time to stop, eat dinner, and get settled in a hotel.

The first day, we drove from Snoqualmie, Washington to Yreka, California (505 miles!). Then from Yreka, California to Fresno, California (429 miles), with a stop in Roseville to have lunch with some friends of ours. Day three was Fresno, California to Holbrook, Arizonia (681 miles). Holbrook was a cool town! We learned that a lot of the Cars movie was modeled after it. We even saw the Wigwam Inn and the tee-pee hotel rooms.

 photo B6DE9C7C-B356-45A9-BD0D-4A49AC931D18-9335-000008D2C3DC9C80_zpsd79defdc.jpg

The last day was from Holbrook, Arizona to Altus, Oklahoma (618 miles)! We drove into Altus after dark, but the last couple hours I was full of anticipation. We were driving to the place that would be home for the next four years and I had never even set foot into the state! What does it look like in the light? What little towns surround it? Like a completely geek, I wikipedia'd all the small towns leading to it for the last hour of the ride (while my dad drove). I looked at their population (most under 1,000), the trends in population, their businesses, any famous people who came from there, etc. My dad so patiently listened. Ha!

We stayed in temporary lodging from that night (Thursday) until Tuesday. It was a two bedroom duplex, it worked out great during that time. We found our new church that Sunday, Jesse finished up the duck hunting season on Saturday and Sunday with some local guys, my dad flew back home Monday, and we got the keys to our new house on base on Tuesday.

Tuesday was a disaster. We signed the lease in the morning and the movers were supposed to be there between 8 and 10am. Jesse met them at the gate and one of them failed the background check, then another one did, and then they finally got someone else by around 1pm. Really?!

They finally started unloading...the first thing off the truck was the top of our desk, with a big hole in the middle. Things got worse. Big scratches on our foot board, a dresser, a nightstand, Hunter's table, etc. The icing on the cake? A rat had got into the crate they made just to move the two paradise ducks from New Zealand that Jesse had just had mounted. The rat had chewed up the ducks. Jesse was almost in tears. So we have filed a claim for the damages and someone will be out on Friday to assess them. How will they put a value on those ducks?!

They got everything in the house and a couple pieces of furniture put together and then left until the next morning. The next day, one guy came back and unloaded every box into piles all over our house. It was awful! It took us a couple weeks to get the house somewhat organized and unpacked.

Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm Back...But Let Me Ease My Way Back

It's been FOREVER since I paid any attention to this blog of mine. Thankfully I've been keeping up with all my favorite fellow bloggers on Instagram, but still. We've been pretty busy around here. Just a 1900 mile drive with the family and my dad to move from Washington to Oklahoma. And then there is settling in here, and doing that with two kiddos. No, we haven't been up to much. ;)

So yeah, I'm not ready to get into writing about all the real stuff, so how about I gradually get back into it with some fun fluff?

5 Fun Facts about Yours Truly!

5 things...

...you will find in my purse.

Well, sadly these days my purse is a diaper bag, but that's alright.

1. My phone, don't leave home without it.
2. Car keys.
3. Wallet, I triple check this now that we're living on base...I don't want to get stuck off base without my ID and not be able to get home!
4. Checkbook/register. Yup, I'm the odd one who still carries these things everywhere. (I even balance my register to the penny.)
5. Diaper/wipes/pacifier.

...you will find in my bedroom.

1. TV. Watching a tv show at night is a must for me to get my brain to turn off.
2. Pack n' play. Hudson still wakes up at least twice a night. So after the first time, I put him back down in our room.
3. Bible/books on my nightstand. I try to have quiet time in the mornings to do some reading. Right now I'm back to reading "Parenting by the Book" because Hunter is showing us some terrible 3 behavior lately.
4. Hair ties/bobby pins. Those are always sitting on my nightstand from me taking them out before bed.
5. Dirty clothes. I wish I could only blame this on Jesse, but there is almost always a couple things laying on the ground.

...I've always wanted to do.

1. Mostly travel. I for sure want to visit Thailand, Costa Rica, and Tahiti. And Egypt...but don't think that will happen unless things settle down in the Middle East.
2. See my kids love each other.
3. Go on a mission trip with Jesse.
4. Own my own business.
5. Live as long as possible and watch my kids/grandkids and hopefully great grandkids grow up.

...I'm currently loving.

1. Our Nespresso Pixie machine and electric milk frother. This is a must when living a HOUR from the nearest Starbucks.
2. Meal planning. We've only eaten out a couple times since moving in and I've been able to stick to weekly grocery shopping thanks to meal planning. This is a must with two kids!
3. Our new church. THE NICEST PEOPLE EVER! :) (Hi y'all!)
4. Slower pace of life. Hudson is seriously the happiest baby here. The key is to never leave the house with him. Ha! (I'm not kidding)
5. Sunshine.

...Quirks I have.

1. When opening a container (like sour cream) the top plastic film has to be taken all the way off...none of this half flap business is happening in my fridge.
2. The kids cannot wear their heavy coats in the car seat. I know it's just a safety issue, but it drives me nuts and I can't stand to see kids wearing their coats in the car.
3. I'm pretty sure the boys are always better dressed than I am. I'm just funny about what they wear.
4. I count stairs as I climb them. (We have 9 and then 8 to our second floor.)
5. I have to balance the checkbook to the penny (see above).

Yup, so that's all I've got for today. But I'm back!!

Jesse is active duty Air Force and is originally from southern Minnesota. He has also managed to become a follower of just about every hobby known to man (which drives his wife crazy!).

Henry was born on July 4, 2007. His hobbies include playing with his squeaker toys, barking a little girls, dock jumping, going to the dog park, and being spoiled rotten by his grandparents.

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