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Thursday, March 15, 2012

13 Weeks!

13 Weeks

Weight Gain: Up 4 pounds so far. I don't know how I feel about how rapidly this is increasing! I didn't gain any weight with Hunter until 17 weeks!

Stretch Marks: No new ones

Movement: Nope, but I am constantly finding myself trying to feel movement when I lay down at night. :)

Cravings: Pasta, grapefruit, and anything spicy.

Sleep: Ugh, this has been hit or miss in the last week. A few nights I've tossed and turned for hours at night. Also, it's getting uncomfortable to sleep on my side, I get pains in my hip.

Best Moment this Week: No sickness this week and A LOT more energy. Today I made enchiladas from scratch and made three baby blankets!

Gender: I'm thinking girl. I had a dream last week that we were at the ultrasound appointment and the tech told us it was a girl.

Labor signs: Nope

What I miss: Being able to wear my favorite skinny jeans.

What I'm looking forward to: Hmmm, watching this bump grow and finding out the gender!

Weekly wisdom: Sometimes you just gotta give into the cravings!

Milestones: Made it throughout the first trimester!



  1. Yay for 2nd tri! :) And I agree about the cravings thing. lol

  2. Yay for getting through the first trimester!! That is always a big milestone. And that's awesome you had a dream that it's a girl - a mothers intuition maybe?? Pretty soon you'll know :)

  3. Oooh! I had a dream around this same time that Ellie was a girl ;)

  4. 1) don't worry about gaining more with baby #2... you weigh less than you did when you got pregnant with Hunter
    2) I miss you :(

  5. Congratulations on your pregnancy! That Hunter is a sweetheart! You have such a sweet little blog...I found you through Say Hi Sunday! I am back to blogging after a time away, and I am enjoying meeting new people!

    I have a sweet 16 year old daughter, so I am not a new Mama...if you ever need any advice, come on over! Take care, doll!

    sleeping in an unmade bed


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