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Monday, June 27, 2011

I Am NOT a Quitter!

So, remember how last week I called myself a quitter? Well, I think I was wrong. I had an amazing week after I “quit”. I didn’t feel so much stress or pressure to race to the gym after work every day. Instead, three days after work, I headed to the park with my mom and Hunter and picked up at week 5 of the C25K program.

And guess what… I loved it! It felt so good to just get outside and RUN! (After I capitalized all the letters in “run” I realized it made me sound super fast, if that’s how you took it too, think again, I am not fast.) It was so refreshing to push myself, enjoy the outdoors, and get lost in my own thoughts. I am not a “runner” by any means, but for once, I am starting to understand why people love it! I used to think runners were just sick in the head, I mean really, who really likes to torture themselves like that?! I can see myself really getting into it.

I won’t lie; part of my motivation to keep it up is the Warrior Dash, which is only a few short weeks away. I realized that I need to stick to my program and not skip any runs if I want to be ready for it by July 17th! I can’t really say I am looking forward to it by any means, but hey, it’s getting my booty off the couch, right? The dread I am feeling is just due to me being a little scared to be surrounded by a bunch of fit “runners” who will all stop and laugh at me when I have to stop and walk for a few minutes. And then after they laugh, the loud speakers will come on and announce that they have a “walker” on the Warrior course. A bit dramatic? Yeah, yeah, I know! :)


  1. I did the Warrior Dash, and you'd be surprised at how many people walk it! It was so much fun and you sound like you are in really good shape so I think you will surprise yourself. It wasn't that hard. It was way more fun than hard. Don't stress...like I said, the majority of people walk.

  2. Um, you KNOW I will be walking before you!


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