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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's Been a Heck of a Week

...and we haven't even got to the crazy part of it yet! Ugh, so many things have gone wrong this week. I have found myself sobbing twice and on the verge about ten times. Yes, I realize that's I'm a bit of a crazy lunatic these days with pregnancy hormones raging.

Where to begin? Hmmm. Well, to start to understand the stress, you need to know we are moving into our house in Lacey on Friday, checking out tenants there on Thursday, and checking in tenants at our place in Pacific on Friday evening. I'll get to more on that later.

But... with a whole house to pack up, Jesse went on a three day hunting trip six hours away over the long holiday weekend. I was not too thrilled about the idea, but he seemed to think we had made a lot of progress in packing and it would be okay. He left Thursday evening. About 95% of Hunter's toys and playroom were all packed up, so I was going to have to rely on TV and movies to keep him entertained while I did work around the house. Well, a couple hours after Jesse left, I realized that the DVD player downstairs wasn't working. Lovely. Oh yeah, and then I went upstairs to find the TV didn't work at all up there. What the heck?! How was I going to survive a weekend in a pretty much packed up house with no TV for me or Hunter?!

The next morning, I was going to go to my parents house and stay over there with Hunter for a couple days to get away from the stress of the house. I got Hunter all ready to go, went outside, and found that my car would not start. The automatic key lock didn't work and when I tried to start the car...nothing. I called Jesse crying. He told me to get the extension cord from underneath the shop-vac and plug it into some battery thing. While doing so, the shop-vac tipped over. Well, my lovely husband had vacuumed water out of his boat and left the thing full of water. So then it started to get all the packed moving boxes wet and then there were some electrical sparks going on since stuff was plugged in around it. That is when I really lost it. I turned into a sobbing mess.

I had to tell Jesse to let me get off the phone so I could just cry. And cry I did. It probably lasted a good hour. And then I called him back. The friend he was with had left his car at our house for the weekend and told me to just use that for a few days and not even think about my car. So I did. I had a pretty great rest of the weekend.

Tuesday we went to the house in Lacey to drop off our utility trailer. The yard is so overgrown and destroyed. The deck is covered in mud. The screen door and front door are ruined. I might have shed a few tears.

Jesse got home and him and his buddy fixed my car. Things were back on track. Today (Wednesday) was our only full day to finish packing and cleaning up, or so I thought. Jesse realized he forgot to take leave for today, as well as Thursday and Friday. So that left me at home this morning trying to pack frantically. I ran out of boxes, so I went to go get more with Hunter. My car was dead again. Lovely. So, Jesse jumped it when he got home. I took it to Les Schwab thinking I needed a new battery. They checked it and said it was the alternator and would have to call the dealership. So I called the Acura dealership and the guy was so rude to me. I got off the phone nearly in tears. Then decided to call the Honda dealership I had gotten my car at. They were awesome and told me to bring it right in. They fixed it in an hour and a half. But, I pretty much lost my productive packing day. :(

So here I am, with a giant list of things to do in front of me.

Today- finish packing up the odds and ends
Tomorrow morning - take Hunter to my parents house
Rest of tomorrow-
   Load up our TV's and breakable in our car and truck to take down to the house
   2pm Check tenants out of Lacey house (both of us)
   3pm Cleaning lady to come to Lacey house (me)
   6pm Pick up moving truck (both of us)

  8am Jesse and friends start loading up moving truck
  9am Carpet cleaners @ Lacey (me)
  11am Cleaning lady @ Pacific (me)
  2pm Carpet cleaners @ Pacific (me)
  6pm Return moving truck (both)
  7:30pm Check in new tenants @ Pacific (both)
  Drive back to Lacey

  9am Yard guy to week, prune, etc @ Lacey
  12-5pm Dish Cable to come to install

Ugh, it's just a planning nightmare! The houses are about 30 miles apart, so it's a lot of running back and forth, too.

Sorry for the vent post. We are doing fine, it's just one of those weeks!!

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  1. Ugh, Steph! I am sorry your week has been so stressful! Is there anything I can do? I'm serious? I can go sit at the house while the cleaners/carpet cleaners are there. Do you need me to occupy Hunter for awhile? If there is anything I can do, please let me know! I'd be more than happy to help! And just think, after this weekend the stress should be GONE!!! Hang in there!


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