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Thursday, May 31, 2012

24 Weeks

Weight Gain: Not a clue...the scale is packed away! Dodged this question this week ;) The scale might have to be in the last box we unpack. haha. 

Stretch Marks: Same old ones, but starting to show a little more than they did. 

Movement: Hudson kicks and moves all the time!

Cravings: Eh, nothing particular really. I have been dreaming of a strawberry-rhubarb pie for weeks, but still haven't had one. Anyone want to bring me one?! 

Sleep: It's hit or miss. Some nights I sleep for 9 hours straight, others I toss and turn. I think I've only got a couple more weeks before I break out the ole pregnancy pillow. I'm sure Jesse will be thrilled to share the bed with that humongous thing. 

Best Moment this Week: See my post from yesterday, ha! I dunno if there were many good moments of this week. But, I'm feeling good and hanging in there. 

Gender: Still a baby boy. 

Labor signs: Nope 

Maternity Clothes: Yup, most of the time. I ordered a couple of jeans from A Pea in the Pod last week, hoping they come today so I don't have to sport capris in the rain and look like a moron. 

What I miss: Not a whole lot :)

What I'm looking forward to: In two days we will back back "home" and just trying to settle in. Can't wait to get Hunter's big boy room set up and then later focus on Hudson's nursery!

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  1. I think that it's smart to wear capris in the rain because then you don't have your pants dragging the ground and getting all wet. I HATE that.


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