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Friday, May 25, 2012


Last weekend we had our very first garage sale. We were a bit skeptical if it was even worth the time and effort that we put into preparing for it. But...guess what... it was a pretty big success!! We made $500 and didn't even sell the two main pieces of furniture we had! Several people have asked what the big sellers were... and I can't even tell you. It was just a random mix of bedding/jewelry/clothing/old electronics.

After the sale, we boxed everything up and took it to Goodwill. I can't even tell you have good it felt to get rid of so much stuff that was just cluttering the house. Everything we got rid of was just "stuff" that we no longer used and really didn't have a place for in the house we are moving into next weekend.

I forgot to take pictures of the sale, but I did take pictures of the stuff that ended up going to Goodwill. It's crazy how much stuff we have accumulated over the last several years. I am really going to keep this in mind and try not to buy so many things that I won't want or need a couple years down the road.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Is it kind of weird that I'm looking forward to moving into a little bit smaller place? I like that it makes us focus on the things we need and makes us simplify our lives a bit. Our current place is four bedrooms and the one in Lacey is three bedrooms, but we are also throwing in another kid, so it feels like we are losing two rooms. It'll be worth it move back to our "home" :)

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