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Monday, January 17, 2011

McFatty Mondays

Okay okay, I think I am finally ready to link up with Beth Ann over at The Heir to Blair. She does a weight loss post every Monday. You should check out her blog. If you are like me... you will love her, roll your eyes at her, relate to her, sometimes not get her at all... but she will suck you in and you will likely follow her.

I have been on a weigh loss journey since Hunter was born 15 months ago and slowly but surely lost quite a bit of weight. I am ready to be candid about where I was and where I am now.

February 11th,2009 (found out I was pregnant with Hunter) - 187lbs
October 9th, 2009 (the day I had Hunter) - 225lbs! Eek!
October 11th, 2009 (home from hospital) - 205lbs
March, 2010 - 187lbs (back to pre-pregnancy weight
Last week - 163lbs
Today - 165lbs

I have been able to shed 20+ pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, but I just don't feel like I am where I want to be yet. I really don't know what my goal weight is, but I'm guessing I will know when I get there. Maybe around 150ish?

I have been able to lose most of the weight by loosely following the Paleo diet. It consists of eating meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and berries. Sometimes I follow it much more strictly than other times. I kind of go through my phases. It's commonly associated with the Crossfit workouts, which my husband does, and introduced me to this way of eating.

I am mostly going to be writing these posts to hold myself accountable and encourage others. I plan on joining the Crossfit gym that my husband goes to on February 6th- that is when their next beginner class begins. I have been able to achieve this much with just diet and very little exercise. It's time to kick it up a notch, right Emeril? Bam! By writing this, I am hoping it makes me feel like I cannot back out of this commitment. Haha.



  1. You look AMAZING. Seriously.

    & I'm going to need to know more about the diet & Crossift, please & thank you in advance!

  2. You look great!!! 165 is my first goal weight, so now I have inspiration. To look like you!!! I wish we had a Crossfit gym around us, but we do not. So I rely on my Wii, my road, and the base gym to get back in shape. I can't wait to see how we all change over the next few weeks, months, etc.

  3. You look so good. It's amazing how different frames can carry different weights and look so, well, different! You look great and I definitely want to see some before and after shots of the crossfit hardbody you'll no doubt be rocking this summer.


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