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Friday, January 7, 2011

It's Been A Long Week!

I've been horrible about blogging lately. It just seems as though I have been too busy and worn out to write or take pictures. I have not used my camera in over a week! That is almost unheard of for me. Let me tell you about my interesting week...starting with Monday!

I worked all day and it was a very busy day because it was the first working day of the year, a big day in accounting land. After work, Hunter and I joined my parents at the Snoqualmie Casino's buffet for their sushi night. It was amazing, they have the freshest raw tuna, salmon, octopus, etc. They also have crab on Monday nights, too. Yum! And it's perfect for the Paleo diet that I have been pretty good about sticking to for the last few weeks. Perfect! Right? Well, they also have the best soft serve ice cream ever! So I cheated and had TWO servings of it. Whoops.

Well on my way home... I was talking to Colleen on the phone and I started to get horrible stomach pains. I tried to breathe through them and compared them to labor since they were getting more frequent and more painful. Of course Hunter had fallen sound asleep in his carseat. I had to stop in Maple Valley at the McDonalds, yank Hunter out of the car, and pretty much ran to the restroom. Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

I got back in the car and was feeling grand... until have 2 minutes later. I had to stop at the very next exit. The closest thing was a small gas station. I run in with Hunter and ask where the restroom is and the lady tells me they don't have a public restroom. I was desperate... so I pleaded with her to please let me use their restroom. She must have seen the anguish on my face because she agreed. It was just a small closet of a bathroom with a vacuum blocking the sink, but at that point I figured it was better than a paper bag in my car. LOL.

I finally made it home and continued to have a few more episodes, but that was fine, because I was in the comfort of my own home.


  1. Oh dear, that sounds awful!! The last time I ate sushi was 3 years ago. JD and I were dating and got some sushi to go. I bit into my cold roll and something hot oozed out. It was so disgusting, I have not gotten over it!

  2. Ha Ha, I was wondering when you were going to blog about this. I am just glad I was able to "talk" you through all the pain, and pit stops, and got you home safe and sound!

  3. Bless your heart! That's doesn't seem like fun at all- hope you're feeling better!

    And glad you're back to blogging. I basically took a month off, too. Sometimes you just need break!


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