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Monday, January 24, 2011

McFatty Monday: Week 2

So, we spend 3 days at the ocean this weekend. We had a pretty good time despite the place being a nightmare for small children and the weather being rather wet and cold. I wrote on Thursday that I was worried about eating healthy while we were out there. Hmmm, I wouldn’t quite say that we completely failed or succeeded. I stuck to the Paleo diet every meal except for Friday night and also a few ice cream stops. Whoops!

We ended up being tired from the long drive on Friday night and decided to go out to Mexican. I ordered a chicken dish that came with rice and beans. The chicken was really dry….so what did I do? I only had a little of the chicken and then proceeded to eat ALL my rice and beans. I did avoid the tortillas and did not have a margarita. Fail? I don’t know.

I don’t know what the deal with the whole sudden ice cream cravings are! I never crave ice cream, usually Jesse gets ice cream and I just go along for the drive. Not this weekend! On Sunday, I was the one asking for an ice cream stop…I HAD to have a scoop of rocky road! Jesse keeps joking that I better pee on stick soon! Eh, I think that would be pretty unlikely.

Other than that I ate pretty healthy the rest of the week. I had a lettuce wrapped chicken burger at Red Robin on Thursday night, made chicken breasts and sweet potatoes on Saturday night, and some green curry without rice last night. I’ve been snacking on raw hazelnuts, dried apricots, and celery these days.
So how did I do?

1/17/2011 – 165lbs
1/24/2011 – 164.4lbs
.6lbs gone… not great, but I will take it!


  1. Quit being so hard on yourself girl! You are doing awesome, and you look awesome. I am with Jessee tho, you better go pee on the stick. Love Ya!!

  2. sometimes its a slow start.. you'll get there

  3. Sounds to me like you made some good choices!! Good start, lady.

  4. A .6 loss is better than a .6 gain, am I right!? Also...in regard to success or fail...I say you made the best of it. Good for you!


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