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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last Tuesday

So now you know about last Monday and what a horrible evening it turned out to be. Well, I needed a relaxing Tuesday evening desperately. I got home about 6pm, played with Hunter, and even put him down by 7pm for the night. I had started watching the rest of The Bachelor that I had fallen asleep to the night before and had high hopes of watching the first episode of The Biggest Loser. About 10 minutes into the Bachelor, at 7:30pm, the power went out. It flickered back on, and then went back out. You have to be kidding me?! Tuesday is the best TV night ever!

I looked at my cell phone that I had JUST plugged in a few minutes before and I was down to 10% battery. I kind of freaked out because that is my only contact with the outside world at this point! Jesse called from New Zealand and I kind of freaked out on him because well, I only had 10% battery left! “Just tell me where the flashlights are! Hurry! Why aren’t you responding faster?!” He told me that they were somewhere in the garage. Lovely, there will be no problem finding them in the state that garages look after your husband has been away for 3 weeks and you have gone through Christmas with a toddler. (That means that the Christmas tree, decorations, cardboard boxes that once housed toys, etc. were all scattered around the garage.)

I rummaged through the kitchen drawers in the dark for a good 15 minutes before finally finding a lighter, to light a candle, to begin searching in the garage for a dang flashlight. I went through shelves and drawers and on top of the refrigerator with no luck! Oh yeah, did I mention that it was only about 30 degrees outside, too? So finally I gave up and headed upstairs and God shed some mercy on me and quickly led me to a bookshelf that had a flashlight in it! Yay!

I headed outside and started my car’s engine (so I thought) and plugged my phone into the car charger. I went back inside and realized that there was absolutely nothing to do in an empty cold house with no power. So I paced. I finally went back out to my car, only to find that I so dumbly had drained the battery by not starting the engine. Whoops!

Thank goodness our friend and neighbor had gotten back from taking his daughter up to her mom’s house and had returned with some candles for both our places. Pete then jumped my car. I was so thankful for his help. The night got less eventful after that, I tucked another blanket over Hunter in his crib, crawled under 3 layers of blankets in my bed and fell asleep. I woke up several time during the night wondering if the power was back on… it finally came back on at 4am and lucky me, got to get up with my alarm at 4:45am and start a whole new day.

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