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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Get Ready!

So, I just got my book order from Barnes and Noble last night! I ordered The Paleo Cookbook and Parenting by the Book. So get ready for some Paleo diet recipes and also some of my insights from reading about parenting using the Bible as guidance. I read through the cookbook last night and learned some new information and am feeling very motivated to eat a clean diet.

We are going to Ocean Shores this weekend for 3 full days, can't wait to leave tomorrow morning! I think we will have plenty of time to read, cook, play board games, go swimming in the heated pool, etc. Our family is in desperate need of some down time.

I'm kind of worried that Jesse will want to eat out most of the time there... which would completely ruin my motivation to keep up with Paleo. I'm thinking that I should menu plan and then go grocery shopping tonight or tomorrow so that I can bring everything we need with us.

Where do you go when you just need to get away from it all?


  1. I have Parenting By the Book and loved it. After reading it, I really reject any child psychology mumbo jumbo. It really opens your eyes to how Satan has turned parents against God's teaching for the sake of our children. I'm interested in seeing how you like it and the impact it has on your views of today's child rearing theories/practices.

  2. I definitely think meal planning will help you not over induldge on your get away.

    Sometimes we need to get away from everything we drive 3 hours to my parent's cabin on a lake. Even if it's too cold out to do anything we like going. We don't get any cell phone reception, and it's a good place to just unplug and play games and read books.



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