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Monday, December 12, 2011

Week in iPhone Pictures: Week 4

Another week in iPhone pics! Check out Amy's blog to see other bloggers' weekly post!

Well, we have continued in potty training! So far, pretty good. Hunter doesn't have accidents at home, but he's still not quite ready to go out for longer than an hour without a pull-up. I think he's doing pretty darn swell! There has been a whole lotta running around with no pants on!

I've been somewhat productive this last week. I stocked up on my very favorite and expensive Victoria's Secret laundry detergent and some dryer sheets (for dirt cheap with my $10 off any purchase coupons!!) Hunter got a Christmas present in the mail from his "Grantie", so I wrapped it right up! And then we made a trip to Michael's.

I just might of gotten some packages in the mail! Including a Pinterest find (cookie sheet turned magnetic board!), a North Face hat for Hunter, and an ice cream maker! I made some awesome peppermint ice cream on Sunday!

Hunter got very acquainted with my iPad. It amazes me that he totally knows how to use it! He scrolls through all the apps and pics out the ones he likes, turns on videos, turns up the volumme. It's crazy!! He's taken it over, I don't remember the last time I used it.

We went out to the Ram for dinner with my parents, little brother and his wife. Hunter had fun hamming it up with Uncle Brandon.

In the last couple of weeks, Hunter has developed a love for stuffed friends. Mickey "Nicky" is his very best friend. "Nicky" does everything Hunter does, including drinking juice, eating Cliff bars, and taking long naps. "Nicky" isn't so bad, but when he has to have six more of his close friends join in on naptime... got going to lie... pretty annoying! Oh well.

The rest of the weekend was spent just hanging around. Hunter put hats and gloves on us, found unique places to sit, hung up his new airplane ornament, helped me load the dishwasher, and put all his money in his piggy bank.

And of course.... the famous duo, Hunter and Henry!

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  1. i love that hunter has taken over your iPad! it's so crazy how quickly they learn how to use them, right??


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