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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge: Days 1-4

I am a few days late, but decided that I wanted to join Amber & Neely in their holiday blog challenge! Check out their Blogs! A Complete Waste of Makeup and Brunch with Amber.

So let me catch up on all the FABULOUS Holiday fun ;)

Day 1: Fave gift received EVER

I was talking to Jesse about this last night and it was really hard for me to remember my gifts as a kid. What the heck is wrong with me?! He immediately started rambling on about some pump up sneakers that he had gotten as a kid.

It took me a few minutes of taking a trip down memory lane… but I finally thought of the present I was most excited about opening as a kid. It was an American Girl doll… Addy. I LOVED her. I loved history as a kid and was really interested in slavery. Weird, huh? I loved Addy’s story and what she represented.

I got Addy in her pink dress, but I also received her birthday outfit. I loved this brown and cream dress! Sadly, I don’t know where she went. I wonder if my dad has tucked her away in some storage box in the shed, if she was given to Goodwill, or if one of my siblings cut off all her hair to make me mad and then my parents quietly disposed of her so I wouldn’t freak out. I should ask them where she went!!

Day 2: Fave holiday tradition, old or new

This is a hard one for me. Most of the consistent traditions were from growing up. Since Jesse and I have been together, 5 Christmases, he’s only been home for a couple of them. This has made it pretty difficult to make our own traditions.

Growing up, we always went to church on Christmas Eve night, and then afterwards we would have a late dinner and then open presents until late! It was so much fun. In the morning, after everyone was up, we would get to open our stockings. I LOVED stockings. My mom filled them up with awesome things! That afternoon the extended family would come over for dinner and more gift opening.

Since Hunter has been born, we have started some of our own traditions. I get Hunter a new pair of pajamas to open on Christmas Eve night so that he can sleep in them that night and have them on for Christmas morning. I also have started to make a big deal out of stockings again because I loved them so much as a kid. This year I’ve already stuffed Hunter and Jesse’s stockings with great things.

Check out Hunter in his PBK Spiderman pajamas last year:

I’ve heard of people making a cake for Jesus’ birthday on Christmas. I really like this idea and think I might adopt it as a tradition for our family starting this year. I just think it’s a great reminder of what we are really celebrating, the reason for the season!

Day 3: Holiday decorations/d├ęcor

I LOVE special Christmas ornaments. I try to get a new one every new place we go. This year, I got a cool one from New Zealand. I SO look forward to decorating the tree every year, because it’s so fun to reminisce of the fun times in the past when I look at the ornaments we have collected over the years.

I haven’t taken pictures yet of our tree this year, but here is my post from last year.

Day 4: Favorite holiday movies/TV specials

Surprisingly, I don’t have a huge list of Christmas movies or shows that I watch every year. I’ve just never really gotten into watching the same things every year. Lame, I know. But, my two favorites that remind me of being a kid are Home Alone and The Christmas Story.

They are just classics that make me giggle still as an adult. Home Alone 2 was just on TV last week and Jesse and I were in such a good mood watching it and laughing.

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