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Friday, December 9, 2011

Potty Training Fun!

So, the verdict is out, Hunter was ready to be potty trained before Mommy was ready for him to be! My plan was to wait until our cross country move in June, unless he showed signs that he wanted to start earlier. And that he did! On Saturday late afternoon, he decided we would start. And let me tell you, I am still completely shocked how this all went down. So let me give you the run down.

Hunter and I got home around 4pm on Saturday. I changed his diaper and didn’t immediately put his pants back on, just left him in a shirt and diaper. A little while later, I turn around and he is trying to take his diaper off. I was a little annoyed by this and asked him to put it back on. He said “No! Hunter go potty!” He had never said anything like this before.

So, I grabbed his potty chair from upstairs. (I got it months ago and he only sat on it before and after bath time, but never had actually used it.) I put it in the living room and let him go naked. Within the next half hour, he had sat down and went pee. I was floored! I made a huge deal about it and gave him a Dum Dum sucker as a reward. I still thought this was just a onetime thing. Boy was I wrong! By the end of the night he had gone four more times and had no accidents! And yes, I did give him four more suckers. I figured I could give him way too much sugar one night to encourage this awesomeness! I put him to bed with a diaper on.

The next morning, the diaper was wet. But… I took it off right away and once again let him run around with no pants or diaper on. He didn’t have any accidents all day! I did have to run to Target to get pull-ups and a potty chair for my parent’s house, so I put him in a diaper for that little outing and then again when we made the forty five minute drive to my parent’s that evening.

He had one pee accident at my parent’s house on Monday, but THAT IS IT! He went poop on the potty Tuesday, Wednesday and today. I am SO proud of my little guy. He just goes and sits on his potty when he needs to and goes. I am simply amazed by this. I’ve taken him out twice for short periods of time in his big boy underwear with no accidents and for a couple hours yesterday evening in a pull-up, only to find that it was completely dry when we got home. Five days ago I had a little boy that had never gone to the bathroom outside of his diaper.

We have switched to small treats, like one tic-tac. I think the next step will be to not use pull-ups at all unless he is sleeping and to move the potty seat into the bathroom instead of whatever room we are in.

Any advice for this momma who was not planning on potty training this early? J What is the next step?? I’m just clueless about how to get from this stage to being fully potty trained.

I guess Jesse and I have a big boy now!


  1. Just don't expect too much right away. We had a short period of regression and it totally discouraged me. I think if I had smaller expectations, it would have been a better experience for all of us!!! But, almost 6 weeks later, we are accident free and pretty much completely trained. Way to go, Hunter!! (And Mommy)!

  2. Good luck with potty training!! It takes so much time and is a lot of work but he will catch on before you know it!


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