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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stay at Home Mom?!

So, I did it, I put my notice in at work this morning. My last day as a working mom is January 5th. I didn't really make that decision completely until 3am this morning.

I've known my days were numbered as it was because we are moving to NJ in June. I was having a really hard time deciding when I should stop working, though. We have been prepared financially to live off just one income for a little while now... We knew we would get orders for the Air Force to move us away relatively soon.

The combination of not being happy with my work situation and feeling like I was struggling with spreading myself too thin in other aspects of my life is what got me to the point of being done with working. Spending time with my husband and son, being active in church activities, and reducing my stress level needed to take priority.

I had prayed and prayed about it for the last couple months but just felt more confused than ever. Last night I woke up at 2am with so much anxiety. I gave it to God and let go of the pride I hold into; not wanting to be a quitter, trying to please work and the people there, and feeling a need to build as big of an emergency fund as possible to make our transition to a one income family easier. I let it all go and knew I wanted to do whatever God wanted.

I took a bath at 3am. By the time I got out, I knew I would be resigning from my job later that morning. A sense of calm came over me as soon as I accepted my future.

I'm sure there are some angry people at work due to the timing of my departure. But, I know I cannot please people of this world first. Above all, I will honor and obey God. In doing so, I have complete faith that the very best decisions will be made for my family and myself.

I am amazed by the joy in my heart today. I am thrilled to be able to serve my husband and son with more of my time and with a more cheerful spirit. I might also be looking forward to trading in my iPhone 4:45am wake up call for a 8:30am toddler "Mama!!" followed by some cuddles in bed. And perhaps my husband will appreciate a packed lunch (we'll see how long that lasts ;)), a wife who isn't crabby Monday through Thursday, and dinner waiting for him several days a week (versus a frozen pizza or a pb&j he threw together for himself).

But more than anything, I am joyful that I gave it to God and he gave me my answer and a carefree heart in return. This is the start of a new and blessed life for our family. :)

I look forward to sharing this new life with you all!


  1. Geoff said you seemed pretty happy after giving the notice. I can only imagine how that would make me feel (huge relief) to know that my children were my top job now. I'd give it a go If I had the right opportunity, but I must keep working, doing a "job", feeling somewhat the same as you did I'm sure....good days, bad days, but I must carry on.... I'm anxious to hear all the in's and outs of stay at home mommy job. Though different because you have just one now, so get movin' on that baby making job. The pay is great, tons of pay with love and sibling love to be had! *hugs* Tera

  2. I not mad, Phanie! Sad to lose a friend at work, but glad you are going to be so much happier!

  3. Yay!! Congrats on this huge decision!!

  4. So happy for you, Steph! You'll see, some days you'll be wishing you could go back to work, but at then end of the day, you'll be happy your home with your babe. Can't wait to read all about it!


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