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Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa Pictures

Last week, we took Hunter to see Santa. We went on a weeknight and I cannot tell you how glad I am that we did not wait for the weekend. I stopped by the mall and the line was probably a couple hours long. We only waited about ten minutes last Wednesday night.

I thought for sure this was going to be the year that Hunter decided that Santa was a scary, creepy old dude. But, I was wrong! He seemed very excited in line and even busted out a big ole grin for the camera!

I love seeing the changes from one year to another, so here is last year's Santa picture:

He has changed so much! I think he looks like he's about to head off to kindergarten or something this year!


  1. Wow what a growing boy! Smart mama going on a week night...dont tell everyone your secret!!

  2. Adorable! He is getting so big!

  3. OMG... he's soooo big. He looks like a big boy. And so handsome too.

  4. oh he grew up so much! what a little man!! :)

  5. That is a GREAT picture! Lucky you..my kids are always crying or staring scared staight ahead on Santas lap! I am a new follower..pls follow back if you can!


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