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Monday, August 1, 2011

So Hard to Leave

Jesse had to go into work this morning for a bit, so I thought I would do a little blogging this morning. :)

First of all, I am not going to lie, it was pretty hard to leave Hunter. I know that he's having so much fun with his grandpa and grandma, but it still doesn't make me feel like I'm not missing out on being with him. I had a terrible time holding myself together when saying goodbye to him at the airport.

Here are some pictures from right before we left for the airport.

This is the first time I have ever been away from Hunter for more than one night. But, I truly think saying goodbye has been the hardest part so far. It has been so nice to spend alone time with Jesse after being away from him for over three months.

The trip out here was pretty long. The flight from Seattle to Chicago was delayed an hour, which meant my two hour layover in Chicago turned into a one hour layover. It was a mad rush to go through the internantional terminal security and get boarded for the long flight from Chicago to Istanbul. The flight was pretty uneventful, I mostly just fell in and out of sleep the majority of the flight.

I got into Istanbul and had about two hours before my flight to Adana. I got in the HUGE line to go through passport control, finally it was my turn, and found out I had to get a visa. Don't ask me why, I still have no clue why I had to get into another line to pay 20 dollars for a visa, I didn't ask questions. Then made it back through security just in time to make a mad dash to the domestic terminal to catch my flight. Thank goodness it was a quick 90 minute flight, I was pretty tired of flying by that point.

I got to Adana and waited for my luggage... but it never came. It got left in Chicago. Boo! (I finally got it this morning!) And that's when I left the baggage claim to find my handsome hubby waiting for me! :) It was so nice to be in his arms again.

More to come....

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