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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Anniversary Week: Dating

The night after we met, Jesse asked me out on our first date. We were going to meet at the movie theater. I drove up, went by the front of the theater before parking, and noticed a very attractive man standing in front who looked to be waiting for someone. (Remember when I told you that the night before, him and his friend were being funny and were dressed like nerdy old men??) I think I said aloud, "No way." So I parked and called his cell phone to let him know that I had just gotten there and to see if he was there already, too. Sure enough, he said he was standing right out front. It was him! I'm telling you, he was completely unrecognizable from the night before. I thought I had kissed a geek the night before, I was wrong. :)

The date went really well and then the next day he left to go to Spain for a week long mission. He called me a few times during that week to chat. By the time he got back... I had somehow gotten pink eye... in both eyes! The night he got back, I told him that he couldn't come over because I was highly contagious AND I looked like something out of a horror film. He still insisted and didn't seem the slightest bit worried about getting pink eye. I knew this guy was in it for the right reasons and could be a keeper.

Over the next week, we saw each other almost every day. I was in my last couple weeks of college and pulling all nighters studying... and making out with this cute new guy in my life. ;) Jesse had leave for the last half of May to go home to Minnesota. Before he left, I also had tickets to join him for the last week of May to Minnesota to meet his family. During the week he was gone, I managed to graduate college, finish up my internship, and get moved into a new place. Life was about to dramatically change for me. And, you got it right, within 4 weeks of meeting Jesse, I was half way across the country meeting his family!

We had a great time in Minnesota. He picked me up in Minneapolis and surprised me with a day filled with the Mall of America, a Twins vs. Mariners game, and a stay at the downtown Hilton. The rest of the week we spent the days with his family and the nights hanging out with his friends. It was so much fun.

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Jesse is active duty Air Force and is originally from southern Minnesota. He has also managed to become a follower of just about every hobby known to man (which drives his wife crazy!).

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