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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Incredibly Blessed.

Hunter has always been a great little boy. Sure, he can be a bit mischievous at times and is a bit stubborn at times, too. But overall, Jesse and I have been so blessed to have such a wonderful little guy.

But, I'm telling you, ever since Jesse left, I think God has done something very very kind for me. He has turned this little boy into the easiest toddler ever! It's as if God is giving me this gift to help me get through the rough time of Jesse being gone.

Hunter has been sleeping around 16 hours a day, 12-13 hours straight at night and then usually a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day. And to top that, he's been going down for bedtime and naps without any complaints! I tell him that it's "nigh-night time" and he goes happily up the stairs and walks right into his room. When I put him in his crib, he grabs for his blanket, gets all cozy with his pillow and grabs either his Build-a-bear puppy or his pal Scout. Then as a walk towards the door, he just looks up and waves bye. Not another sound heard.

He's even starting to pick up on the manners that I have been trying to instill in him. After handing him a cracker the other day, without any prompting, he said "Tank you!". Of course my heart melted and exploded all at once in that moment.

He has just turned into such a wonderful companion for me since Jesse has left. He's matured and become a "big boy". I find myself reflecting on this often on my commute to and from work and I start getting teary. I just wish Jesse was here with us to see how awesome his son is. But, I'm sure Jesse would be happy to hear that I am in great company while he is gone and that I am not feeling overwhelmed in the least, just incredibly blessed.

* I am suddenly regretting writing this post for fear that the terrible twos might begin moments after pressing the "Publish Post" button. Please be on the look out for quite a different post in the morning. ;)

1 comment:

  1. This makes me have hope :) So glad things have been going well!!


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