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Friday, May 20, 2011

Double Digits

That in reference to the number of days until Jesse comes home. 98. The first 22 have gone by really fast, actually, but I know better than to think it'll stay this way. The first month has always been the easiest for me. It's at about the 6 week mark that I've started to get terribly lonesome in the past. Maybe it'll take longer this time, I'm hoping.

I do miss Jesse pretty terribly, though. I miss having someone to come home to after a bad day at work. I miss having someone to confide in when I'm not feeling very positive. I miss the hugs. It's tough.

I am incredibly lucky that Jesse calls me as much as he can. I hear from him almost every day. Today, I got the pleasure of talking to him three times, including one skype conversation. He is present as much and as often as he can be. I have always loved that about him. When a day passes and I don't hear from him, I don't worry, because I know without a doubt that his flying schedule has made him u able to call during a reasonable time of day.

Hunter misses his daddy. The last few nights, he has run into our bedroom before bedtime and grabbed a wedding photo of Jesse and I from my night stand. He holds it tight while shouting "Daddy! Daddy!". His eyes get real big every time I play the recording of Jesse in his build-a-bear.

I hope the next 98 days go by as fast as these first 22 have. Hunter and I both miss our brave airman. :)


  1. Aw, this makes me sad. I remember how lonely it was without JD. But you have 22 days under your belt, surely another 98 won't seem too long ;).

  2. Hope these last 98 days go by quick!


Jesse is active duty Air Force and is originally from southern Minnesota. He has also managed to become a follower of just about every hobby known to man (which drives his wife crazy!).

Henry was born on July 4, 2007. His hobbies include playing with his squeaker toys, barking a little girls, dock jumping, going to the dog park, and being spoiled rotten by his grandparents.

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