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Monday, March 28, 2011

Time For a New Goal

Blair posted today about not using the scale to measure success and finding a new measure. This is the idea I needed this morning. I hit the 150’s this weekend…. Well kinda, more like 159.6, but still considered the 150’s, right?! You gotta take what you can get!

I’m not really too concerned about the number on the scale anymore. Being 6 feet tall, yes, legally almost a giant, I’m pretty content with the number on the scale. Yet, not so content with the jiggly on my thighs. So, my new goal is to drop a pant size by the time Seattle gets warmer weather! I’m going to need new dress capris for work this summer, and they darn well better be a size smaller than the pants I bought last month.

Running and Crossfit have really changed my body. I have seen very little weight loss, but my pants are starting to hang off my body! Changing my diet over a year ago got me to lose quite a bit of weight, mostly on the top half, but working out is really giving my body the needed weight loss on my bottom half.

So, I am giving myself until May 1st to be able to buy a size smaller.

P.S. Let’s talk about setbacks real fast. Why in the heck have I been wanting to eat cheese pizza for dinner every day in the last week?!?! Cheese pizza is going to be the death of my goal if I don’t control it soon!


  1. Cheese pizza is the death of every goal I have!!! It kills me.

  2. Following from McFatty Monday :)


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