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Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 5 of McFatty Monday

I have had my ups and downs throughout the last 5 weeks. I finally feel ready to make a lifestyle change that includes eating healthy AND exercise. I started Crossfit last Monday and have surprisingly fallen in love with it. The OnRamp class is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and I have to admit that I missed it on Tuesday and Thursday. I felt like I was missing out on something on those days.

Last Monday – 163.8
Today – 160.4
Loss of: 3.4lbs

I have to admit that I am only down about a pound from where I was a couple weeks ago, but I lost all the weight gained plus an extra pound! I rarely weighed myself through college, but I’m guessing that I’m back down to early college weight now. Yay!

Yesterday morning I was really antsy to get a good workout in, so I decided to begin the C25K program. The first week consists of a 5 minute brisk walk and then for the next 20 minutes you alternate 60 seconds of running with 90 seconds of walking.

Let me tell you, it was quite the experience! To understand this story better, you need to know that we live in a new development that is located in a not so nice small town. I feel very safe in our neighborhood and the development right outside of ours… but you get outside of there, and not so nice.

But… I decided that it was a bright sunny day and it was safe to jog through the older neighborhoods to get to the Interurban trail. So I bundled Hunter up and got him set in the jogger stroller and I did my five minute walk. I got to the outskirts of the “safe zone” and then proceeded to start jogging into the “danger zone”.

A nice lady was gardening in her yard at the edge of the zones and gave me a big smile. I got down the street and got a few hoots and hollers from some interesting group of men that were drinking beer in their yard. I finished my 20 minutes of intervals on the trail and then headed back through the danger zone. I passed a couple that was getting out of the car and the woman told me that she hoped I had my pepper spray. I lied and said I did.

I then made it a little bit farther only to be greeted by a man that looked like was strung out on drugs sitting on his front porch. To top it off, while on my last stretch through the danger zone, I glanced across the street to see a man sitting in his parked truck watching me. I then felt like I made a big mistake to trek outside of our neighborhood. I immediately wondered if he was some sex offender who had seen me running before and was waiting for me to make my way back. Creepy!

As I got back to the developments, I felt like I was hugged by the security and safety that it brought. The woman gardening said that she hoped I had a nice jog in the beautiful weather and a little boy playing outside said “Hey lady, I love your baby!” as he pointed at Hunter.
I think I will have to continue my C25K program running laps around the two developments instead of spending my time wondering where I should keep pepper spray and a handgun while I am running.


  1. Hello! I started C25k also and I didn't leave my neighborhood...I just made the same lap around the block like 15 times!! But I really enjoyed it and can't wait to keep it up! You seem to be doing great!

  2. Way to go! That's great progress :) Keep up the hard work!

  3. Great workouts this week! I have been wanting to try CrossFit, but they don't have a CrossFit location near me. Maybe someday. Glad you are enjoying it!


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