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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Switching Doctors

So, I did it, I switched OB/GYN's. I was seeing a doctor out by my parent's house so that they could watch Hunter during the appointments. With us moving to Lacey, which is in the complete opposite direction, I would've needed to change doctors anyways. But, I just never felt fully comfortable with Dr. A (I'll refer to her as that for now on). I think she was nice enough, but not personable at all. She never cracked a smile or made me feel at ease. I guess maybe I should've changed right away, but I figured it was not that big of a deal.

Two appointments ago, I asked her some questions and I just didn't feel good about the response. I'll have to give you some background on my pregnancy with Hunter so that you understand:

I was originally due with Hunter on October 17, 2009. I knew without a doubt when my last period was, etc. At the 20 week ultrasound, he was measuring ten days big. The doctor (Dr. B) changed my due date to October 7th. By the middle of September, he was pretty convinced that Hunter was going to be a big boy. He let things run their course until the week of my due date and said in his best judgement, it was time for Hunter to come out, so that I wouldn't have a high risk of having a c-section due to his size. So, he induced on October 8th, 9 days prior to his original due date.

I had an awesome birth experience. I know people say pitocin is the devil, but it worked fine with me. They induced at 6am, broke my water at noon, epidural at 2:30pm, and Hunter was born at 6:30pm after 15 minutes of pushing. He weighed 9lbs 5oz.

I think Dr. B made a very good decision to induce when he did. He didn't do it prematurely, he waited until he felt like it was necessary. I am so grateful for his judgement.

Okay, so back to my questions for Dr. A... I expressed concerns that the very early ultrasounds showed that this baby was already measuring 5 days big. She said she would not change a due date unless it was off by over 2 weeks. I then explained the situation with Hunter and asked what her thoughts on induction were. She stated that she would not induce, regardless of size, until 2 weeks after the due date.

Ugh, how do I explain my feelings about this? I am not a fan of inducing early for no good reason. But, her answer just seemed so black and white and without consideration for situation and history. It didn't leave room for her using her judgement. I respect that she's a doctor and that she knows how she likes to do things, but I just didn't feel like it was a good fit for us. I just didn't get a good feeling overall.

So, I will be going back to Dr. B in 3 weeks! I am really excited and feel really good about this decision. I trust him and feel completely comfortable with him, so it's best for us. My first appointment with him is at 18.5 weeks and we will make an appointment for the big ultrasound appointment that day!

What do you think, girl or boy?!


  1. I am going to go with a little girl! :0)


  2. Glad you were able to find a doctor that you like! I say girl :-).

  3. You have to be comfortable with your doctor, so it sounds like you made the right choice! I'm thinking girl......I can't wait to hear!!

  4. i think it's another boy! so did you get a doctor here in lacey? just wondering b/c my doc is in Lacey & it's a male "Dr. B" too! and i LOVE him!

  5. Oh my! That would make me want to switch too. A baby is a big deal and even a few days can make a difference (or so I've learned on 16 and Pregnant).
    I hope it's a little girl!


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