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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Military Wife

This is a term that I have never really identified with, until now. Jesse is never gone for more than 4 months at a time. I have never lived outside of a 75 mile radius of where I grew up. I am surrounded by my family and friends. All these things are not so typical for military wives. I imagine a wife who stays at home with her kids while her husband is away for a year at a time all while living thousands of miles away from their family and friends.

But I've realized in the last week that I still am a military wife. I live away from my husband about half the year, I worry about his safety while he's gone and I am so proud of his service to our country.it's become obvious to me this week that other people just don't understand it for the most part. I have been given more support from military wive friends around the country, that I only know through blogging, than I have been given by my family and friends at home. I'm not trying to put anyone down, it's just become obvious that they just don't understand what a deployment does to a family, to a service member, and to a military wife.

I am so thankful for the women who have reached out to me in the days leading up to Jesse leaving. It has been a time of feeling extreme loneliness and your kind words have helped me tremendously. I hope to be able to provide the same love and support back to those women and others in the future.


  1. JD has only been away from us once for a 6 month stint when Beatrice was a baby. It was hard for the reasons you listed, but also so extremely lonely to be without my partner. I missed the husband-wife stuff only we could share. But, it did go by quicker than I thought and hopefully Jesse's will seem quick too. I will be praying for you. Hang in there :)

  2. You can do it Sister! You are a surviver. Come and hang out with us! We would love it. I am here for you and only 20 minutes away. Much Love! - Bonnie

  3. This is a great blog. I really think you should share what you were discussing with me today on here.


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