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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hunter since Hudson's Arrival

I've had a lot of people ask how Hunter is doing with having a little brother. "Does he just love being a big brother?!" Hmmmm...I'm never quite sure how to answer these questions.

We have had a bit of a rough time with Hunter since we brought Hudson home. He's never shown any signs of aggression towards the baby, nor does he seem to directly resent him. I think he's kind of mourning the loss of having all our attention, though. It's come in the form of potty training regression and becoming a bit mouthy.

Hunter's had been fully potty trained for months...and then we brought Hudson home. The first few weeks were rough. Hunter would pee his pants at home while I was nursing the baby. That seemed to be when he mostly did it. It seemed like it was his way of demanding attention when I was tied up with Hudson. I had a really hard time finding the balance between letting it go because I knew he was going through a hard time and holding him accountable to being potty trained, like he had been before. We put him back in pull-ups for a bit, but he happily just peed in them. We told him that in order to go to school he had to act like a big boy and pee in the toilet, but he didn't seem to care. Finally last week, I turned off the TV after he had an accident. We sat in silence for several hours. He didn't like that at all and we have only had once accident in the last six days. That accident was yesterday and he was told he would only get water in his sippy cup for the rest of the day (no juice or milk). Oh my, he did not like that at all!! So I think we are making progress (finally!) to being fully potty trained again.

Oh the mouth this kid has developed! Over the last few weeks, he likes to say "No way!!" to our requests, "You be quiet", and pointing his finger at us in defiance. It's extremely frustrating to both Jesse and I. I truly think he wants as much attention as possible and will take it even if it's negative. Jesse started taking away a toy every time he was disrespectful. The other night, Jesse had quite a few toys piled up on the couch that he had taken away! But...it's getting better. Yesterday, Hunter pointed his finger at Jesse and immediately said "I sorry, Daddy!"

So, it's been hard, but it's getting better. As I type this, Hunter is laying on the bed watching TV while Hudson naps next to him. Hunter does love his little brother. He kisses his head, gets excited when Hudson grasps Hunter's fingers, and likes to talk about "when baby Hudson gets older". It's pretty darn cute.

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Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App


  1. awe! sounds like you are doing a awesome job handling those issues! i might have to tuck those ideas away for when we bring the baby home, cause i know we'll be having just as much fun, lol!

    hope we get to see you guys soon!

  2. Oh dear. I can totally relate!! Bennett was never fully potty trained but he was showing signs and actually using the potty sometimes... and then when Easton was born- he completely gave it up. And he definitely acted out a for the first month or so. But now since East is 6 months and Bennett has realized that his little brother isn't going anywhere, he's gotten better :) Hang in there mama, you are doing a great job!!

  3. You are handling things great. I know others have mentioned it on IG, but Hunter looks like a real boy now, no baby left at all!

  4. I hope things get better (I'm sure they will day by day). The photos of them together are adorable!

  5. I know what you mean about the new attitude- I think it's the age on that part, cause Cole is doing the same thing!! I love the photos of them together!!

  6. IT WILL PASS. I seriously thought that maybe I had completely ruined the sweet personality that Jack had for the first few months after Luke was born. Yes. It took months (almost four)for Jack to really get back to himself. It was hard. Stick with him(by that I mean - be consistent - I struggled with that), its hard for him too! You are doing a great job!


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