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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Big 3-0

Yup, it came and went... I turned 30 on Sunday. (Hudson turned 1 on Saturday, post coming.) We celebrated our birthdays by spending four days in Dallas.

Back in April, I made this list of things to accomplish by my birthday:

1. Finish reading the entire bible. I just started a couple weeks ago and am almost through Numbers. Sadly, I did not make it through the whole Bible, not even quite close. I'm about halfway through the Old Testament, but I'm slowly, but consistently still working on it. In Proverbs right now.

2. Lose 15lbs. I have not talked about the baby weight that I have not lost...it's a sore subject. Well, not sore, just depresses me a bit. I'll post about this soon. Another negative. I've probably lost about 5 pounds since April. But this week I'm kicking it into gear! (More on that later)

3. Make a trip to Dallas with the family. Do some shopping, hopefully see a baseball game, go to the aquarium and zoo with the kids. Accomplished!!

4. Start and finish C25K. Sure did! Ran a 5K in 31 minutes. Pretty proud of this accomplishment.

5. Start learning how to quilt. Nope, haven't sewn at all lately. I feel okay about that though.

6. Have straight teeth. Getting Invisalign this next week and it should take about 5 months. Yes! I finished by Invisalign program! But... I'm electing to get some additional trays to refine my teeth and make them even straighter. 

Well...didn't accomplish all my list, but the losing weight thing is the only one I'm that bummed about. I've been reading the Bible quite a bit, but also along with other Bible studies.

Now... here's some pictures of our four days in Dallas.

On my birthday, we started the day at Gateway church in South Lake, Texas. It was awesome, great worship and a great message.

Then we ran around, had lunch, went to Costco...and then ended up at Benihana for dinner.

On Monday, we went to the Dallas World Aquarium.

And on Tuesday, we went to the Dallas Zoo.

And there you have it... pretty much sums up our time in Dallas in pictures! :) 



  1. Happy birthday! Those shark pics with Hunter are awesome!

  2. Happy Birthday, Steph!!!!

    How far are you from Dallas?! Next time you are down here, we must schedule a get together!!!

    And there is a Gateway Church here in Frisco & is definitely on our list of churches to go visit. Sadly, we have not found 'our' church yet. Maybe Frisco Gateway will be the one!


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