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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Sometimes I get a kick out of seeing what people did a google search for the come across this blog of mine. Today was not exception.

"naked picture stephanie doyle" Really?! Come on. I guess I was a bit flattered and then realized that either one, they were looking for a different Stephanie Doyle or it was my husband being silly knowing it would pop up for me to see. I'll have to ask him about that!

"woman like hookah" This really made me giggle. I did post one picture of me in Turkey this summer with a hookah and I do enjoy it. But never would I think such a search would lead to me!

Well, that is all, a bit random, but I was rather amused.


  1. Alright, it was me... I searched for "naked picture Stephanie Doyle". Sorry. ;)

  2. haha, kristine stole the words outta my mouth! girl, you got some fans ;)

  3. HAHA that is soooo random!! Why would someone google that!


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