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Monday, February 6, 2012

My Glamorous Life

Like seriously, it's a super fancy life I live these days. I don't like to leave the house. I'm going through one of those moods. I haven't been feeling too hot and dealing with the transition between super busy working mom with not enough hours in the day and being a stay at home momma to a two year old.

Having this puppy doesn't help much either. She's too little to leave in the back yard while we are gone and I feel bad putting her in her kennel for more than an hour or two. So that leaves me to stay at home.

Can I just tell you about how much poop and pee I'm dealing with in this house between Hunter potty training and a nine week old puppy?! I seriously am over it. If it's not puppy poop, or Hunter pee, than it's Hunter finding puppy poop before I do, picking it up and then trying to rub it off his hands onto his legs. Yes, true story, it's happened twice in the last two days. So yeah, I'm seriously up the my eyeballs in poop, really. Don't worry, I didn't take any pictures to share these precious moments with you all.

Oh yeah, wanna hear another funny-gross-sad story? Hunter was running around naked before bedtime the other night and playing with Lucy, the puppy. All of a sudden he is crying and running to me to be held. I asked him if Lucy bit him, he says "Yes, Lucy bite my penis!" And then proceeded to tell me that he needed mommy to kiss it. No, sir. Kids and puppies are quite the combo, let me tell ya!

Okay anyways, I don't like to write with out leaving you a picture, don't worry, some cute ones, not ones of poop or bitten toddler parts!


  1. Ha! Can't help but laugh at your post today. I can totally relate! Not the puppy thing, but the kid thing and poop thing! :) Got to love the glamorous like us SAHM's lead! Hang in there. Brighter days are ahead!

  2. Wow, you've got a lot on your plate! Hope the puppy training gets easier.

  3. Gosh. I remember trying to train my puppy (who we recently found a new home for), but it was tough. I can't imagine trying to do that and have a toddler at home, who is also potty training. How tiring. One thing I will say, is that I kennel trained my dog - and it was the best decision I made. It sucks leaving them in the kennel, but that is how they learn to hold it. My dog did awesome!! (and he was a little chihuahua). I started leaving him in there for 2 hours at a time. Then the next week, 3 hours. Then the next week 4 hours. So on and so forth until he could hold it for 7-8 hours. After that, he never ever peed or pooped on the carpet again. Anyway, that was super long winded! Ha ha. Best of luck!


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