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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

11 Weeks

Okay, I'm ready to start with the weekly bump pictures and updates! My new weeks start on Tuesdays, so hopefully I can get in the routine of doing baby updates on that day.

11 Weeks

Weight Gain: Up 2 pounds so far. I've been really sick and I've still managed to gain weight... so you can just imagaine the quality of food that I've been stuffing my face with. Thank goodness I am starting this pregnancy exactly 30lbs lighter than I did with Hunter.

Stretch Marks: Just my ones from Hunter. Please Lord, do not give me any new ones!

Movement: Lol, not besides gas. ;/

Cravings: Anything spicy, lime popcicles, and fruit.

Sleep: SO SO SO good! Seriously, I haven't slept harder since before Hunter was born. Poor Jesse takes out the pup around 4am every morning and I am dead to the world.

Best Moment this Week: Last Thursday I actually had a good day, well until the evening. I had a burst of energy and spent the whole morning/afternoon making homemade cupcakes and deep cleaning the kitchen. Felt so good to be productive.

Gender: Not a clue. I go back and forth between desperately wanting another boy and thinking it would be so fun to have a little girl. Eh, so I'm pretty indifferent.

Labor signs: Nope

What I miss: Not throwing up almost everyday and being so extremly tired 99% of the time

What I'm looking forward to: Excited to hear the heart beat at my doctor appointment on Thursday! We saw the heartbeat in an early ultrasound, but I'm super excited to hear it! I hope I don't forget to record it.

Weekly wisdom: Morning sickness is a pretty sure sign that your baby is doing awesome.

Milestones: Ehhh, I'm at a loss for this one.

Baby bumps from week 8, 10 and 11. I think it may have shrunk a little this week.


  1. You sound like me when I first got pregnant with my second. With my son, I was never sick, not tired...no problems! With this baby, I had not just morning sickness but also afternoon and night sickness. And I was soooooo tired! Second Trimester = great though! Congrats again to you and Jesse and Hunter. It's so exciting!!

  2. you probably just had a big poop in there when you took the 10 week picture :)

  3. I only started following you a couple weeks ago, but I love your pregnancy updates! Hunter is a handsome little man and I can't wait to follow you on this baby #2 journey!

    I nominated you for a Sunshine Award! Check it out


  4. So sorry you're sick! I totally understand how that goes. My "morning sickness" lasted until 20 weeks with both of my pregnancies. BLAH! Hope you start feeling soon! Can't wait till your little bump really POPS!


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