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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hip Hip Horray!

I can't believe that Doyle's Days has over 100 followers as of yesterday!!! I know that doesn't seem like a lot for some, but it's a lot for me. I remember when I started this blog, I created it just to keep family and friends updated on Hunter. But, soon, I found it as my spot to let out my feelings, faith, interests. This blog has become 100% me! So, sometimes that means this is a mom, faith, fitness, military spouse, etc. blog. That is because those are all the things that make up me.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have a big handful of followers, you guys rock! I love it when I get an e-mail saying that someone has commented on my blog, because I love your input and encouragement. I love it even more when I get an e-mail from a follower who has a question, has a prayer need, or anything. LOVE IT! I love connected with others.

So thank you for reading and please, please, please keep commenting and e-mailing. It makes my day!


  1. Congrats on 100 followers! I love reading your blog! Your little guy is less than 1 year older than my Tucker and I enjoy reading about all the fun things that are yet to come as he gets older!

  2. Dropping by from the Tuesday Tag Hop! Would love for you to return some <3. http://thriftyninja.net

    Congrats on 100! I hit 100 yesterday as well! Isn't it an amazing feeling!??!!?

  3. Gosh, I am SO FAR from 100... I have a measly 31... not that I don't value each and every one. I think I need to bloghop more. Congrats on your 100 + 6! Moving up in the blog world!

  4. Hello and happy 100th! I'm a new follower. It will be great if you can visit my blog at http://sweetvintagelady.com

  5. yay on hitting 100!! it IS a big deal. and 200 comes even faster :)


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