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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Infant Must Haves 3+ Months

I did a newborn must have post a few months back and got a lot of positive feedback about it. So...I thought I might share some of my favorite things that I've liked using with Hudson in the last few months.

1. Gap Body Doubles. These things are the best. I don't know why I am so picky about kid clothes, but I am. I really don't love the look of onesies. The tucked in look with jeans just looks nerdy to me. So these are the perfect solution to keep their little tummies warm and covered up, but with the look of a normal shirt.

How cute is this one? I just ordered it online for Hudson :)

2. Toys. Here are a couple of my favorite toys for Hudson. 

Sophie the Giraffe
iPlay Flash Beat Drum

3. Hudson still likes to sleep swaddled. I know, I know, 7 month babies are usually still swaddled. But I'm not too concerned about it, he settles down immediately once swaddled. I love the Swaddleme blankets because they keep him securely wrapped up and they are easy to use.

4. Avent. We use both Avent bottles and pacifiers for Hudson. It's just what he prefers. 

That's about it. We're pretty low key about all the extra "stuff" he needs. I feel like I was over the top with Hunter and kind of learned my lesson. 

What are some things you use on a daily basis for your little ones this age?


  1. Sign me up for one of them swaddle blankies. What I wouldn't give to be swaddled...

  2. Good list! Adrian Loves his Sophie! (or Zophie as Andrew calls it!) anything with tags or something he can chew on is a must too. I just saw those double onesies somewhere but can't remember where now! That one from the Gap is adorable!


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