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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Christ's Blood

Easter always makes me really think about Jesus dying on the cross and what it really means. It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that my King died for me. That the only sinless man that ever lived, died such a horrible and painful death...to save all of us awful sinners. It's so humbling. It makes me really think about the life I'm living and want to better it, so that he didn't die to save me for nothing.

I've heard so many people in the past say that they don't go to church because they have a horrible past, that God wouldn't and couldn't love them. Those thoughts are straight from the devil, that's what he wants God's children to think. It is nothing but a lie. It makes me realize that there are so many misconceptions about "Christians" and "Christianity". 

Someone on Facebook posted this awhile ago and it really stirred something in me. It was someone that I knew from high school, and I had a pretty dark time during my senior year, and for a second, I thought maybe they were posting it about me! 

And then that didn't matter and I realized that it is just so sad that non-Christians think that Jesus lovers think like this! That those who love Jesus are most concerned with hiding their pasts. No! If anything, we hope that any struggles we have had, can be used as a testimony to where their lives turned. That even the ugliest of sinners can be saved! I'm not one to advertise my struggles and sinful ways in my late teens or early twenties, but that certainly does not mean that I am ashamed of my past. If I thought in anyway that my story or my experiences could help heal, save, or bring peace to others, I would not hesitate to be completely honest and forthcoming about things that I've been through in my past.

So quite contrary to this "funny" internet card, PLEASE REMEMBER WHAT MY PAST LOOKED LIKE! Because I am saved. I am the daughter of the King. And I have been forgiven. And so can you.

In worship today, part of the lyrics of one of the songs, spoke about how the blood of Jesus took away our shame. Amen! The freedom we have in Christ is like no other! It truly is amazing love, that I strive to know more and more about. God gave his only son and watched him suffer on that cross. As a mother, I cannot even begin to imagine how painful that must of been. And for Jesus, our Savior, to of lived a perfect and pure life, to go through what he went through. Man, if that doesn't bring tears to your eyes... 

I pray that I can walk with the Lord for the rest of my life. I confess my sins and know that you have forgiven me. That the holy spirit with grow within me. That my life is one that will glorify God. I love you Jesus and what you have done for us sinners will not be forgotten. Let the story of your life and resurrection be forever etched into my heart. 


  1. Amen, sister in Christ! Love ya!

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