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Thursday, August 16, 2012

35 Weeks

Weight Gain: 35 pounds. Yikes! If you gained a lot of weight when you were pregnant...please PLEASE feel free to comment and let me know it. All the blogs I've read talk about gaining 20-30lbs their entire pregnancies. Me...not so much. Make a girl feel a little better, k? Thanks!

Stretch Marks: I think they are the same ones I've had since Hunter, but they are getting a little darker and more visible as my skin is stretching. 

Movement: Oh my, this boy is aggressive! I constantly am poking a knee back into place or trying to get a foot out of my ribs. 

Cravings: Same as usual, sweets and fruit. 

Sleep: I hope I don't jinx myself, but I've actually been sleeping pretty good this pregnancy! Sure, it takes me a little bit to get comfortable, but once I'm asleep, I sleep pretty darn good!

Best moment this week: Feeling better. So yeah, I have been pretty much non-existent lately because I had two weeks of a lot of painful and kind of scary contractions. If I was on my feet for more than twenty minutes, I was having them. The doctor told me to try to take it easy and drink lots of water, so I did. And the last two days I have felt a hundred times better. I've been cleaning, cooking, sewing, planning Hunter's birthday party in October, etc. 

Gender: Boy!

Labor signs: Lots and lots of contractions. Feeling a lot of pressure down "there" and even some lower belly cramping. 

Maternity clothes: The ones that still fit. Ha!

What I miss: Not feeling like a total beast.  

What I'm looking forward to: Getting the nursery finished up and a baby shower that my friend Nicole is throwing for us next weekend!

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  1. Stephanie! I gained 50+ lbs with Claire. I gained the same with Meghan. With Liv, I gained almost 55. You are doing fantastic!!! You look awesome in ALL of the pics you post. Honey, you've got it goin' on.

    Love you lots,
    Kate Fagerberg

  2. you look wonderful!! And yeah...MINIMUM of 40lbs with each! I stopped looking at the scale eventually! I ate health foods, so at some point, your body is just going to gain what it needs for your baby!

  3. You seriously have a perfect belly! And how are you 35 weeks already!?

  4. Gained 55 lbs with each! Only had trouble losing it with the third (not that I didn't have to work hard at it with the others).
    You look fantastic!
    -Amanda Bridges

  5. i quit looking with oliver around 30-something weeks, but am FAIRLY certain i came away just at or slightly over 50 lbs. so you're not alone, my friend. but you look GREAT-seriously. and remember: it's only temporary :)

  6. Oh my goodness, sounds like baby boy might be here pretty soon!

  7. YOU'VE gained 35 lbs? You look fabulous!

  8. Omg you look so tiny to have gained 35! I think OU look great and you shouldn't worry about the weight gain and just love on that pregnant belly :)


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