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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chocolate bars and vanilla lattes

These are two things that I have always liked, but until motherhood, did not fully appreciate. There is some sort of magic in these two things for me since having Hunter. They make me take a deep breathe and just let every care in the world disappear.
Today I got out for a bit by myself and did some grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. When I was checking out, I saw this shiny gold bar of milk chocolate, turns out it was actually a 3-pack. I HAD to have it. I was about half way home when I remembered the chocolate bars. I put a piece in my mouth, and hear "Oh happy day, happy day, You wash my sin away" on the radio, I was in heaven!
My lattes seem to put me in the same state, like there is nothing that can bring me down at the time.

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